Learning to Speak Spanish Requires the Right Tools

The great thing about Spanish is that it is very similar to English, so for most people, Spanish should be easier to learn than other foreign languages. However learning to speak Spanish can still be a challenge, especially if you need to become proficient quickly. 

Therefore, if you need to learn Spanish for an upcoming trip or for any other reason that you would need to learn Spanish in a short amount of time, the tools that you use to learn Spanish are very important. There are a few types of language learning tools that I will go over in this article.  I will discuss the pros and cons of each and based on this, I will tell you which tool I think is the best. 

The first type of tool is the CD. They are very popular learning aids because they are inexpensive and easy to use.  You can stick it in your car CD player and listen to it while you drive.  The typical CD set will probably cost about $30.  The downside is that a CD can only hold so much information and your learning is limited to the number of grooves in that little disc.

Then of course you could hire a private Spanish tutor. Tutors are probably the next best thing to living in a Spanish speaking country but they are a blank check. Can you afford to keep paying the tutor until you get proficient at Spanish?  When the tutor leaves, it is difficult to hear the proper pronunciation of words and phrases and it is very easy to forget what you learned.

Finally, another tool you can use when you’re learning to speak Spanish is computer software. In my opinion computer software is the best of both worlds. It allows you to practice on your own time, like with the CD but most software has a plethora of both audio and visual aids, allowing you to get a more in-depth education, similar to what you could expect from a tutor. Learning to speak Spanish has never been so affordable and fun!

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