Learn to Speak Spanish With 9 Words From Conversational Latin American Spanish

In this online Spanish lesson you will learn to speak Spanish and discover 9 vocabulary words from conversational Latin American Spanish. Keep in mind that in order to master a foreign language you must increase your vocabulary in the target language.

Here are 9 vocabulary words or phrases in Spanish that you should learn:

1. Dar una vuelta/dar vueltas – Pasear (go for a walk, ride, drive, short trip, etc.)

Est? linda la tarde, quiero dar vueltas (una vuelta) por la playa.
The afternoon is beautiful, I want to take a stroll/short trip through the beach.

2. Dar una vuelta/dar vueltas – to turn

Notice that “dar una vuelta/dar vueltas” has 2 meanings:

a. Dar una vuelta/dar vueltas – Pasear (go for a walk, ride, drive, short trip, etc.)
b. Dar una vuelta/dar vueltas – to turn

Here’s an example of the second meaning:

Ella le dio tres vueltas a la llave.
She turned the key three times.

The second definition of “dar una vuelta/dar vueltas” reminds me of an “adivinanza” (riddle)
that a “taxista” asked me a few days ago:

?Cu?l es el animal que despu?s de muerto da muchas vueltas?
(Which animal after dying makes a lot of turns?)

Repuesta (answer): El pollo asado. (Roast chicken).

I guess the taxi driver meant a rotisserie chicken.

3. Hacer vueltas – run errands

Hoy no puedo ir a la playa. Voy a hacer vueltas.
Today I cannot go to the beach. I am going to run errands.

Using “hacer vueltas” to mean “to run errands” is a very Colombian phrase. I asked one of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy instructors from Argentina about “hacer vueltas,” and he told me they never that phrase to mean “to run errands” in Argentina.

4. Darle vuelta – revisar/cuidar (to check on something)

Voy a darle vuelta al arroz para que no se me queme.
I am going to check on the rice so that is doesn’t burn.

“Darle vuelta” may be a Colombian only word or phrase as well. I have only heard Colombians use “darle vuelta.”

5. Estar de vuelta de – to be back from

Estoy de vuelta de la escuela.
I am back from school.

6. Dese la vuelta – turn around

The first time that anyone ever said the phrase “dese la vuelta” to me was on my first trip to Colombia in 2005. I was in the airport and the metal detectors went off as I passed through them. And then the airport security guard who was checking me with a hand-held metal detector said to me “dese la vuelta.”

Although I had never heard the phrase “dese la vuelta,” before, it was obvious from the context that “dese la vuelta” meant “turn around.”

7. La vuelta – cambio (change)

Quedese con la vuelta.
Keep the change.

?Me da la vuelta?
Can I have my change.

In some Spanish speaking countries, they use the word “vuelto” instead of “vuelta” for the English word “change.” In Colombia they use “vuelta.” But if you use the word “cambio” for change you will be understood in any Spanish-speaking country.

8. A la vuelta de la esquina – around the corner

Vive a la vuelta de la esquina.
He lives around the corner.

9. De ida y vuelta – round trip

Necesito un billete de ida y vuelta.
I need a round trip ticket.

I hope that you enjoyed this online Spanish lesson on how to speak Spanish and learning vocabulary words from conversational Latin American Spanish.

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