Learn to Speak Spanish – 3 Reasons and 3 Tips For Learning Spanish

Learn to speak Spanish, I highly recommend it. If you don’t already then why not? In this article, I’ll give you 3 solid reasons to learn Spanish and 3 solid tips to help you along the way.

World’s 2nd Most Spoken Language (Native Speakers)

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As well as Spain itself, it is also spoken in many countries in South America and has also become a very important language in USA too. Worldwide, there are over 500 million speakers of Spanish distributed widely (unlike a more concentrated language such as Mandarin, for example).

Easy To Learn

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. This is why, where I live in the UK, kids choose to learn Spanish instead of French and German because they know it is easier. The language is largely phonetic so pronunciation is very easy, compared to languages such as Dutch, for example, which features many guttural sounds.

Lots Of Resources

When learning a language it is much easier if you can immerse yourself in many different ways. Spanish has a huge advantage in this regard and there are many TV programs, movies, newspapers, internet sites and more. Compare this with a lesser known language such as Tagalog where you will be hard pushed to find good learning materials.

Tip 1 – Immerse Yourself

Try to immerse yourself in the language by listening to at least 5 minutes per day. You might not think that you will learn much but you will be surprised at the effect this has.

Polyglots – people who can speak multiple languages – swear by this technique of everyday exposure to the language you want to learn.

Tip 2 – Use Any Opportunity To Practise

Try to use any possible opportunities you have to practise your Spanish. An example would be any Spanish speaking shopkeepers or other people that you know. Don’t be shy – people will really appreciate that you are making an effort. Just by saying a few words in a situation you can really enhance your brain’s ability to absorb and retain what you have learned.

If you don’t know any Spanish speakers then get yourself Skype and you can find some.

Tip 3 – Choose An Appropriate Learning Method

This is the most important tip. In my opinion, the best method of learning is self-study. This is also how polyglots learn – they don’t have a special talent for languages, just a passion.

I recommend that you find a good self study audio course over the internet. Audio courses are well known to be far more successful than older, classroom and teacher based methods.

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