Learn Spanish Fast – Our Top Five Tips to Learn to Speak Spanish in No Time

Learn Spanish, Speak Spanish

Anyone who has ever tried to learn a language will appreciate that it can be a tricky new challenge to take on. Many people start with the best intentions, thinking they should be able to learn Spanish fast, yet a year down the line are still unable to string two words together in their chosen new language. What is even more frustrating is when you come across someone on your travels who claims to have picked up that same language in a matter of a few weeks or months.


So how did they do it? Well, although there is no magic wand which can make you learn how to speak Spanish overnight, there are some handy tricks which should help you to learn Spanish fast.


#1 – Moving to Spain is the Quickest Way to Learn Spanish  


OK, so this may not be the most practical tip, but being immersed in the language is definitely one of the quickest ways to learn how to speak Spanish. A few years ago I got a job working in a bar in Spain, not speaking a word of the language bar “Hola!” Trust me –  it really helped me to learn Spanish fast after that! So even if it’s just taking a holiday to Spain or South America, this will definitely help you to learn Spanish fast.


#2 – Join a Class or a Group to Practice your Spanish Conversation


Conversational skills are the place where many actually fall down. If you aren’t able to get over to a Spanish-speaking country, join a Spanish class or a group, as this will give you a great chance to practice Spanish conversation. If you can’t afford to go to classes you could always look in the local paper for a Spanish conversation club.


#3 – Invest in a Good Spanish Software Package


Even if you enroll in Spanish classes this will probably only provide you with a chance to practice Spanish once a week. If you are serious about wanting to learn Spanish fast you would also benefit from having a chance to practice more often. The best way to do this is to invest in a good Spanish software package.  I personally would recommend Rocket Spanish as it has a great mix of all of the different elements you will need to be successful, including conversation, listening and grammar. It also incorporates loads of different activities to make learning Spanish more fun, including games and flashcards. And this brings me nicely to my next point…


#4 – Practice Spanish Everyday


To learn Spanish fast you need to practice every day. No excuses. Even if it’s just a quick run through one of your set of flashcards or a quick verb drill, you will learn how to speak Spanish much faster if you put in the time every single day. Again, this brings me nicely to my next point…


#5 – Make Flashcards to Learn Spanish Verbs 


If you’ve already started trying to learn Spanish you will probably share my view that verbs can be a bit of a nightmare. Verbs are without a doubt one of the trickiest things to negotiate for anyone learning beginners’ Spanish. One of the easiest ways I personally have found to learn Spanish verbs fast is to use flashcards. In fact this can work really well for Spanish vocabulary in general, and is also a great way to learn Spanish fast as they are easy to slot into your everyday schedule.

Learn Spanish, Speak Spanish

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