How to Learn to Speak Spanish Online

In Spain, there are Toreros, Flamenco, and the Mediterranean Sea. There’s also great architecture, history, Mediterranean cuisine, and art.

Also important, in Spain, there are Spanish men, a lyric tells:

Spanish man, Spanish man,
does whatever a Spaniard can.
Spins a web, drinks some wine;
three o’clock, it’s siesta time!

But, just what is it about Spanish men? Why are they considered the world’s greatest at macho and chauvinistic behavior towards women? Is it because they truly understand the female psyche better than any other male group on earth? Whatever it is that Spanish men have that other men don’t, you can’t wait to find out? You hightail it to your travel agent, purchase tickets, and book a two-week’s stay in Spain.

But wait! Aren’t you forgetting something important? How could you plan a trip to Spain without first trying to learn to speak Spanish online?

The good news is that it’s easy to learn to speak Spanish online. Many online courses, among them Rocket Spain, offer crash lessons that will have you clacking out “muchas gracias” and “Buen día” in no time. Even better, these courses often come with audio tapes or downloadable sound files to listen to, to ensure you’re saying the words the way they were meant to be said.

If you will learn to speak Spanish online, it is absolutely necessary that you practice what you learn. Accordingly, you must make it a point to speak along with whatever audio program you’re given. This will correct whatever pronunciation issues you might have. Of course, this is only second best to actually getting to practice speaking Spanish to a native, but you must do it with the resources you have. Spanish-speaking individuals do not move to Lost Springs, Converse County, Wyoming in dozens, so you make do with your audio programs and the Spanish movies you can unearth. Learning a new language is not a walk in the park but you’re doing it for a good cause.

You are learning to speak Spanish to find love and romance — or, as the Spanish would say: Amor and Romance!

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