Could Learning to Speak Spanish Help You Achieve Job Security?

During these times of economic uncertainty, the more assets or skills we can list on our resume the more chances of getting a better job, or even to get to keep our current position. There is no doubt that the Spanish speaking market is no longer the 900 lbs. gorilla in the room that everyone wanted to ignore. Specially in North America, the Spanish speaking community is growing fast with an increasing economic power, even during these tough times, no one denies that, or at least not any more.

Dramatic change and simple evolution give birth to a whole new set of market needs. That’s the reason why a lot of big and medium size companies have turned their attention on to the Spanish market not only within the United States, but to the entire Spanish speaking community in the world. Spanish is the third most spoken language with over 400 million people.

Learning to speak Spanish gives you the ability to expand your “market” to those 400 million people worldwide. That’s a huge slice of the pie, don’t you think?.

One thing that economic challenging times have taught us throughout history is that if one doesn’t learn how to deal with uncertainty, the stormy weather is going to hit us real hard and by the time we wake up is going to be late, too late. That is the reason why now, more than ever, we need to be flexible and identify new needs, new markets and enjoy remarkable success, and learning a new skill such as speaking a new language, Spanish in this case, comes in handy, very handy.

I am a strong believer that difficulty creates opportunity, otherwise I would not have faced the challenge to having to learn to speak Spanish in 6 months and I would not have gotten a promotion. Just 8 months ago (January of 2009) I was offered the position of General Manager at the largest beach resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico under the condition that I had to be fluent in Spanish or the job would’ve been given to a junior Manager who had the asset of being a Spanish speaker. So, there I was at the age of 46 facing the possibility of not getting an extraordinary new job opportunity, but maybe even facing the risk of being laid off. Thank goodness I was given some time to tackle the challenge. I don’t even want to think what would have happened if I hadn’t been given that window of opportunity.

I understand we are all facing difficult times and sometimes all we want to do is crawl under the covers expecting that the “bogey” man will disappear. Sorry to bring it to you, it won’t.

Crisis create opportunities, maybe learning to speak Spanish will be a way out of your difficulties by expanding your horizon, or if your situation is not as dramatic as that, you will at least learn a new and a beautiful language and when visiting Puerto Vallarta you could come and visit me at the resort, you gotta be speaking Spanish though. 🙂

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