4 Steps on How to Learn to Speak Spanish

It is easy how to learn to speak Spanish, and especially if you’ve tried to learn before but with no luck, you’ll need to listen to my advice! I used the following tactics to learn to speak Spanish conversationally in about two months. It took lots of focus and dedication, and it was frustrating at first, but it has paid off big-time!

When we were children, we learned our first language with NO classes, NO instruction, and NO prior knowledge of language. This took only about two years. We did it by immersing ourself in the language, surrounding ourselves with nothing but that language. Our brains said, “OK! I’ll adapt!” And forced itself to learn the language based on its surroundings.

You should follow the same principles when learning a language as an adult or young adult, but expect to learn the language MUCH faster this time! The following steps provide a VERY easy way to immerse yourself in Spanish and learn it in just a few months.

1. Build your base in Spanish. Learn basic grammar. I recommend doing this with software that will provide lessons that immerse you in the language while learning the basics. Keep doing this throughout the following steps!

2. Speak in Spanish. It might feel a little early, but once you know a tiny bit of Spanish, find someone you can speak Spanish with. It will be frustrating at first, but after just two weeks, you will feel VERY comfortable doing it.

3. Read children’s books in Spanish. This is not a joke! These are available everywhere and will teach you very basic Spanish words, and are illustrated so you don’t have to translate them.

4. Read Spanish newspapers. These also use very basic language, but a little more advanced. Translate passages you don’t understand with an online translation tool, write them down, and then study them.

How to learn to speak Spanish is very straight-forward. Immerse yourself in the language however you can! The four steps I provide above are the best starting grounds, and are how I made myself conversational in Spanish in about two months. It will be frustrating at first, but will be even more rewarding when you’re done. Good luck!

You can teach yourself Spanish quickly and easily, with the right resources.

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